Career Counselling

What is Career Planning?

Career Planning is a process which requires an adequate understanding of oneself in terms of selection of course.

Need for Career Planning

Everyone is born with a range of personality traits unique to him/her. It's fair to say that these traits are essentially core to the person. They mature during infancy and can be measured in most individuals after the age of fourteen, where career planning becomes more crucial. Good career planning provides a plan that is a 'detailed action plan'. It requires the integration of Critical Career Factors which combine to make every individual unique - his/ her innate abilities, skills, interests, values, goals family history, personal style and characteristics, and the position in the Career Development Cycle.


Counselling is an exclusive tool developed by STEPUP EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY for students to identify their interest, understand the attitude and to analyze the behavioral skills. At STEPUP EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY students will be advised with suitable courses that matches with their abilities, attitude in respect to their interest.

Career Counseling

STEPUP EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY provides career information Viz Course details, future scope, job opportunities eligibility, fee details and list of colleges that are offering the courses.

The counseling procedure includes:

Test analysis. One to one interaction with students and parents. Prepares a career chart with details of suitable courses that enables both the parents and the students to take a wise decision about the course.

The educational spectrum is crowded with umpteen courses in every conceivable field mostly job oriented. Choosing right course for the children is a Herculean task for parents. Recent past hundreds of new courses with different combinations have been introduced, new avenues like fashion, Bio Informatics, Hospitality Management, Event Management, Journalism and mass communication are more in demand. Career Advisor, teaching will be in fore front for self employment.

The common questions that bother the present generation parents who are having Intermediate passed out children.

What next
Who is the right person to guide?
Which is the accurate stream for my child?
Which college provides the quality career?
How to identify my child's caliber?

The right place to get these queries answered is STEPUP EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY , the one and only educational consultants in Andhra Pradesh.

The Economic structure of the world is fast changing and new courses are created every day. Revolution in Information Technology has opened opportunities in Medicine, Computers, Engineering, Telecommunication etc. New vision like Advertisement, Fashion Technology, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism, where increased self employment. Advanced subjects in psychology. Bio-Informatics, Entertainment are the up coming avenues. Therefore choosing the right course that suits your ability and attitude is a meticulous task needs proper planning.